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Creating a website - now easier

On our last website we listed many links to tools and components that worked with FrontPage.  That program is no longer supported by Microsoft, the replacement is Microsoft Expression Web.  It is more like Dreamweaver, adheres to industry standards, which is good, unfortunately the learning curve is more, as compared to FrontPage.  Here we list some current products/services we are using.
  • Name Registration -
    Still using this site, we still register with Network Solutions, we pay a premium however the support is good and there are not issues with ownership or transfer
  • Hosting Service - InMotion Hosting the forum support is good, inexpensive.  They do not suport ASP.NET controls, which are included in Expression Web
  • Email and PDA - Google Apps - for $50/account/year you get Exchange like features like calendar, contacts and email synchronization.  There are limitations, for example if you use categories in your contacts, they are not supported with Google App Sync.  Details here
  • Templates - using Allwebco Design Corporation, requires some editing of java script and/or asp script, but straightforward
  • Logos and Clip Art - Microsoft Office Online is good because of licensing/usage issues.  Brands of the World good for adding a particular logo to your presentation/website
  • Website Registration - Google and Yahoo are worth the effort to do yourself instead of waiting for web crawlers
  • Website Metrics - in addition to Google Analytics, try Alexa
  • Photo Albums - currently using Web Album Generator, which is free, see an example here
  • Expression Support - in addition to the Microsoft sites I use Frontpagewebmaster
  • Microsoft Typography - helps ensure your selection of fonts works in all places
  • Web Design Training - Best Web Design Schools and the Web-developer's Handbook